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Building Champions: The Foundations of Player Development

Updated: Jul 7

As coaches, we hold the keys to unlock the potential and passion within our young football players. The foundations we lay in each training session are the roadmap guiding them toward success on and off the pitch. In this blog, we explore the three pillars that form the bedrock of coaching junior football: Play, Learn, and Practice/Progress. These foundations not only shape our players but also provide coaches with a dynamic vehicle for development.

Why Foundations Matter:

Foundations serve as the compass that guides both coaches and players on their footballing journey. They provide structure, purpose, and a roadmap for growth. Whether meticulously planned or spontaneously executed, these foundations ensure that every session contributes meaningfully to a player's development.

Foundation 1: Play

Play is the heartbeat of junior football coaching. It's more than just running around and kicking a ball – it's the essence of creativity, enjoyment, and discovery. Players learn to express themselves, make decisions on the fly, and develop a love for the beautiful game.

Don't curb your players joy for the game, allow them freedom to guide the session. They will often learn just as much from their teammates and friends as they will from the coach. Facilitate this through structured play and reap the rewards, it will ignite a joy in them for the game and deliver you passionate players that love stepping out on the pitch.

In every session, create an environment where players can:

  • Express Themselves: Encourage creativity and individuality on the ball.

  • Enjoy the Game: Foster a love for football through engaging and enjoyable activities.

  • Make Decisions: Provide scenarios that challenge decision-making skills.

Foundation 2: Learn

Learning is a continuous process, and football serves as a powerful classroom. Beyond tactical plays and skill acquisition, players learn life skills like teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship. Every coaching moment is an opportunity for growth.

Coaches are teachers in every sense of the word. They have the ability to shape and mould the type of players their team will become, this comes with a responsibility for coaches to engage with their players and set them along the right path. Don't underestimate your impact not just on the pitch but off it also, I still remember the lessons taught to me by my first coaches.

Ensure your sessions promote:

  • Skill Development: Focus on age-appropriate skill progression.

  • Teamwork: Instill the value of working together toward a common goal.

  • Life Skills: Teach resilience, discipline, and respect through football.

Foundation 3: Practice/Progress

Practice doesn't make perfect; practice makes improvements and growth. This foundation emphasizes the importance of deliberate, focused training to progress skills and knowledge systematically. It's about setting goals, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements.

Structure is your friend, that doesn't mean queues of players while they take turns developing a skill, it looks like a session with the freedom to be creative towards a common goal. Know what you want to achieve in advance and build a session that enables guided learning. Too focused and your sessions will become mundane and boring for the players, keep it fluid and engaging.

Integrate practices that:

  • Set Goals: Establish individual and team objectives for improvement.

  • Track Progress: Provide feedback and track player development.

  • Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate milestones and successes.


In the hustle and bustle of coaching, let's not forget the power of our foundations – Play, Learn, and Practice/Progress. These pillars ensure that every session, whether meticulously planned or spontaneously executed, contributes to the holistic development of our junior football stars.

Remember, coaching is not just about shaping footballers; it's about moulding confident, resilient, and skilled individuals. So, as we step onto the pitch with purpose and passion, let's build champions, one foundation at a time.

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