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The Grassroots Network


Welcome to our Partners Page! Here, we proudly showcase our network of grassroots football clubs and organizations that we work with or have joined our Pro and Grassroots Club plans. By partnering with these dedicated teams, we aim to foster a vibrant football community committed to developing young talent and enhancing the coaching experience. Explore the links and information below to learn more about our esteemed partners and their contributions to the beautiful game. Together, we are driving the future of grassroots football!

Find your next football team. Faster.

Join thousands of other players and teams in saying goodbye to the hit-and-miss approach of social media groups and joining a dedicated platform built specifically for football players and teams.


Welcome to APR Football, where our vision is built on four fundamental pillars: 

1. Player Development at Grassroots Level

 2. Increasing Female Participation in Football

3. Engaging with Schools across Northern Ireland

4. Collaboration with Charities in the Football Community

About The Football Journals

The Football Journals is a brand new podcast hosted by Lee Stewart, massive Celtic fan, football coach, and all round lover of football! The show's sole purpose is to get fans, friends, coaches, current & former players and everyone in between's unique football journeys.


Our mission is to revolutionise the way football clubs engage and entertain their fans during live match days worldwide, providing a superior and more efficient approach. Currently, we are proud to be assisting some of the most prominent football clubs across the UK & Ireland while continuously expanding our reach.

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